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  • When you call, we can discuss your concerns and determine the Type of Inspection required.
  • The Field Work requires a minimum of four hours or more, depending on the Type of Inspection.
  • The Reports are narrative type written, on the State of Texas TREC Form, with photographs, fault
    line map, soil information, etc.

Most Inspections include, but are not limited too:
Structural, Foundation, Property Grading and Drainage, Framing, Roofing Material, Plumbing and Fixtures, Electrical System, Heating System, Air Conditioning System, Kitchen Appliances, Water Heater, Fireplace and Chimney, Floor/slab surface checked with a Compulevel/Ziplevel, Water marks are checked with a Tramex Non-Destructive Moisture Detection Meter, A four foot level is placed on the counter tops, window stools, and door frames.

The Type of Inspections Preformed:
Pre-Purchase Inspection (preformed during the Contract Termination Option days) You need as many days as you can get, since you will need to schedule the inspection and may need contractor bids for repairs after the inspection. 

Pre-Owned Home Inspection (preformed during the Contract Termination Option days). 

Pre-Listing Inspection (most often verbal). 

New Home Inspection (preformed two or three days before buyer’s Walk-Through with builder). 

New Home Phase Inspection (foundation, framing, plumbing stub outs, electrical). 

Roof Only Inspection (always get on roof if at all possible). 

Foundation Only Inspection (always go under pier & beam type foundations). 

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (hvac) Only Inspection (determine the reasons for high utility bills).